--- Can music can be anything we want it to be? I found out early in life that music can indeed be anything we want it to be. Music can fuel fascinations and spark an evolution of new thoughts, hopes and dreams. I've created an instrument that offers this elusive magic on many levels. All I need is a chance to bring this beauty to light. I hope to build it soon. My project is about artistic integrity and creative freedom... two things that industry rarely supports. I hope you'll support my efforts to achieve this personal goal to realize something sublime, exquisite and true to our humanity. Thanks for listening. - Jim Bartz



Experience the concept and design for this new instument ...



How's It Played?

I put together this custom live song to showcase the varied performance techniques used to play the StringStation. Although my main ambition is as a 3D recording artist in the studio, it can be wild and intense on-stage as well...




StringStation Discovery

Overview on the general layout and features.The instrument offers hundreds of distinct programmable parameters that will be available for the first time, focusing a new frontier of sound shaping and music making.



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This is a self-funded project to build an innovative new music instrument, your care means a lot to our success! Thank you for joining forces!






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