How can you describe unheard of sound? It's an elusive concept... The immense depth of music crafted with undiscovered sound remains wide open and infinite ... that's where to explore. This beautiful new instrument brings the unseen into view for discovery. The 3D sonic art form is more powerful than currently realized and this instrument will reveal that in unprecedented new ways...



Layout mockup demonstrates the raw sound of the instrument. Its pure string tone is set to feed into an evolutionary array of custom software and electronics. Imagine that as you watch.



Solo Performance

Shows a rhythmic and percussive harmonic approach on the play surface- that when set into digital sound design will be incredible...



3 ambitions

The audio science here is incredible. As an artist, I am reaching to achieve what I feel is the most beautiful kind of sound and music... the kind that happens in that split second moment of joyous discovery... and if you capture it, you're very lucky... because it shines like a diamond and can't be reenacted... You must be ready to capture it! This instrument does that on a new level and much more.


what it is...

The acoustic audio geometry existing between these 40 strings is phenomenal... its ricochet harmonics are captured in 3D by dozens of custom software controlled sensors, pick ups and tranducers...all presented in a one-of-a-kind 3D atmosphere. Hundreds of distinct programmable parameters are available for the first time, focusing an entirely new frontier of sound shaping and music making. This is the mock-up layout model showing how it's played. The music is for demonstration.


in studio

I was 21 and hired at one of the most beautiful recording studios. I had the opportunity to record an experimental album there that had been brewing in me since I was a boy... There were two extraordinary things that came from those sessions... one was that expansive solo album ...and the other was a 40-stringed instrument derived from the audio science achieved at those sessions. I've been on an expedition into 3D audio fascinations ever since ... I've brought back many fine things to share...


Artist quest to build an innovative music instrument pioneering new 3D recording technology and creative composition.






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